Robert Nash

Robert Nash Financial Advisor Indianapolis

Robert Nash is a 1987 graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Robert was hired by Merrill Lynch in 1987 and learned all aspects of the business from the mail room to the board room. He also served Citigroup Global Asset Management as a Senior Vice President before using the skills he had perfected over two decades with a wirehouse to open his own firm.

Nash & Associates strives for excellence in all areas of your financial life. Your need for objective advice drives our independence. In a profession based on objective advice, true independence offers many choices intended to benefit you, the client. Your choice of an independent financial professional is the first step in getting unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals.

Robert is an independent financial professional and is not an employee of an investment or financial services firm – Nash & Associates is an independent business. As the owner, Robert has the freedom to structure the business in a manner that best serves you, the client.