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Should the Self-Employed Plan to Work Past 65?

Posted on: August 15, 2017 by in Blog
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Some solopreneurs think they will “work forever,” but that perception may be flawed. Provided by Robert Nash About 20% of Americans aged 65-74 are still working. A 2016 Pew Research Center study put the precise figure at 18.8%, and Pew estimates that it will reach 31.9% in 2022. That estimate seems reasonable; people are living longer and the labor force participation rate for Americans aged 65-74 has been rising since the early 1990s.1,2,3 When do the self-employed anticipate Continue Reading ...

Key Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on: July 15, 2017 by in Blog
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Too many people make these common estate planning mistakes. Provided by Robert Nash Many affluent professionals and business owners put estate planning on hold. Only the courts and lawyers stand to benefit from their procrastination. While inaction is the biggest estate planning error, several other major mistakes can occur. The following blunders can lead to major problems. Failing to revise an estate plan after a spouse or child dies. This is truly a devastating event, and the grief Continue Reading ...

Are Millennial Women Saving Enough for Retirement?

Posted on: June 15, 2017 by in Blog
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The available data is more encouraging than discouraging. Provided by Robert Nash Women 35 and younger are hard-pressed to save money. Student loans may be outstanding; young children need to be clothed, fed, and cared for, and rent or home loan payments need to be made. With all of these financial obligations, are they saving for retirement? The bad news: 44% of millennial women are not saving for retirement at all. This discovery comes from a recent Wells Fargo survey of more than Continue Reading ...

Bull Markets Aren’t Forever: Have a Plan, Not Just a Stock Portfolio

Posted on: May 15, 2017 by in Blog
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Diversification still matters. One day, this bull market will end. Provided by Robert Nash In the first quarter of 2017, the bull market seemed unstoppable. The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared past 20,000 and closed at all-time highs on 12 consecutive trading days. The Nasdaq Composite gained almost 10% in three months.1 An eight-year-old bull market is rare. This current bull is the second longest since the end of World War II; only the 1990-2000 bull run surpasses it. Since 1945, Continue Reading ...

When Someone Dies Without a Will

Posted on: April 18, 2017 by in Blog
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Where do things proceed from that point? Provided by Robert Nash Every day, people die intestate. In legalese, that means without a will. This opens the door for the courts to decide what happens with their estates. When no valid will exists, state intestacy laws dictate how assets are distributed. These laws divide an estate evenly (or equitably) among heirs. Any assets held in joint tenancy go to the joint owner. Assets held in a trust transfer to the trust beneficiaries (with Continue Reading ...

Social Security Benefit Disappears

Posted on: November 3, 2015 by in Blog, Financial Advisor, Retirement Planning
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The End of File & Suspend for Married Couples A great claiming strategy to try & optimize Social Security benefits disappears. Provided by Robert Nash, Financial Advisor Congress just changed the Social Security benefit rules. On October 30, Capitol Hill lawmakers approved a two-year federal budget deal. As part of that agreement, they authorized the most significant change to Social Security policy seen in this century, disallowing two popular strategies people have used to try Continue Reading ...

National Save For Retirement Week

Posted on: October 22, 2015 by in Blog
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National Save for Retirement Week Are you on target to reach your retirement goals? Provided by Robert Nash, Financial Advisor October 18-24 is National Save for Retirement Week – a reminder of the importance of saving and investing with the goal of a comfortable future. Are Americans saving enough for tomorrow? All kinds of articles will tell you that Americans are not. Those articles may not be telling the entire story, however. Undeniably, the average IRA balance in this country Continue Reading ...

Why DIY Investment Management Is Such a Risk

Posted on: October 16, 2015 by in Blog
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Why DIY Investment Management Is Such a Risk Paying attention to the wrong things becomes all too easy. Provided by Robert Nash, Financial Advisor If you ever have the inkling to manage your investments on your own, that inkling is worth reconsidering. Do-it-yourself investment management is generally a bad idea for the retail investor for myriad reasons. Getting caught up in the moment. When you are watching your investments day to day, you can lose a sense of historical perspective Continue Reading ...

Retirement Blindspots

Posted on: October 15, 2015 by in Blog
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Retirement Blindspots Some life & financial factors that can be overlooked. Provided by Robert Nash, Financial Advisor We all have a “blue sky” vision of the way retirement should be, yet it helps to plan for retirement with a little pragmatism. Fate may alter the course of our retirement in ways we do not currently anticipate. So as we plan for the next act of life, we may want to think about (and plan for) some life and financial factors that are often overlooked. We may Continue Reading ...

Financial Planning for Divorced Women

Posted on: October 13, 2015 by in Blog
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IT’S ALL IN YOUR HANDS A Post-Divorce Action Plan Provided by Robert Nash You have just gone through one of the most challenging and difficult periods that a woman can experience in her life – a divorce. While many things may still be in up in the air, one aspect of your life that you should make sure you’re in control is your finances. Financial planning for divorced women is not that much different than financial planning for married couples. Several basic elements are the Continue Reading ...